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Inglesina Fast Table Chair Review

Inglesina Fast Table Chair wins our Editors' Choice Award excelling in ease of use  safety  and quality. A carry bag makes for easy portability.
Editors' Choice Award
Price:   $69.00 List | $69.00 at Amazon
Pros:  Easy to use, versatile, safe, comfortable, removable fabric for cleaning
Cons:  Heavy, not as compact as Phil and Teds Lobster
Bottom line:  Editors' Choice, quality, versatile, 6 months+, great for on the go lifestyle
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Type:  Hook On
Age Range:  6 to 36 Months
Maximum Baby Weight:  37 Lbs
Manufacturer:   Inglesina

The Skinny

When it comes to hook-on dining chairs, the Inglesina Fast Table Chair doesn't disappoint. Earning top scores where it truly matters in ease use, safety, and quality, the Inglesina walked away with our Editors' Choice Award. This chair is very versatile particularly able to fit onto curved tables and those with skirts up to 3.5", and its twist-tight couplings are quick and easy to attach as well as secure. We found our little testers to be very comfortable in this portable high chair which allowed them to really focus on eating.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Review by:
Juliet Spurrier, MD and Jackie Boeheim

Last Updated:
January 24, 2015

Inglesina is an Italian company with a self-described reputation for making quality, functional baby products with style and "built with heart." Inglesina's founder Liviano Tomasi channelled his love for both children and go-karts into the company's first product in the early 60's, a pram called the "London." In fact, this is where Inglesina derived its name, Italian feminine for the word pram.

The Inglesina Fast Table Chair won our Editors' Choice Award for Best Portable High Chair with an overall score of 77 of 100 excelling where it matters most in Ease of Use, Safety, and Quality.

Performance Comparison

The Inglesina is well made  secure  and comfortable with a deep seat  high backrest  and 3-point harness with crotch strap.
The Inglesina is well made, secure, and comfortable with a deep seat, high backrest, and 3-point harness with crotch strap.

Ease Of Use

Along with the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat, the Fast Table scored highest in ease of use with an 8 of 10. The twist tight couplings make it really easy to place securely onto most surfaces. In fact, this Hook-On wins extra kudos for being compatible with table that have curved edges and vertical skirts, something the clamping mechanism of the Phil and Teds Lobster can not do. The Inglesina can accommodate tables with a thickness of up to 3.3" which is very generous and should fit most everything it encounters.

Babies are very well supported and tend to be comfortable in the Inglesina as it has a deep seat with a thick cushion, high back rest, and comfortable harness around the waist. The polyester fabric is soft on exposed skin and quite breathable.
Placing the child in the Inglesina chair is quick and painless  the straps are easy to work with from snapping to tightening.
Nice thick cushion of the Inglesina slips right in and out of the fabric  comfortable for baby and easy for cleaning.

Safety and Quality

The Inglesina excelled in Safety and Quality alongside the Phil and Teds Lobster with a 9 of 10. Materials and fit in both are really exceptional. With beefy rubberized arms and a well-functioning and easy to use twist tight coupling attachment mechanism, it is sturdily in place for use. A deep seat with adjustable 3-point harness, nice side padding, and seat back height of 10.5" is ample to keep little one in place safely and comfortably. However, at 6" from seat to counter height, it is not so deep as to make it difficult to baby to reach mealtime. Make sure that the O-Rings are in correct position before placing the chair onto a surface to ensure that the crotch strap is in correct position. Otherwise, there is no barrier to prevent baby from slipping through and falling out while placing him or her inside. Pinching tiny little fingers and getting limbs caught has been addressed by Inglesina with the Fast Table's rubberized arms and extra fabric that zips up around the u-shaped attachment mechanism.
Placing the o-rings into each side of the twist tight coupling mechanisms is a VITAL SAFETY STEP to securing Inglesina's crotch strap properly to prevent baby from falling through the opening while the 3-point harness is being placed.
With twist-tight couplings that secure the seat to tables and countertops  Inglesina's set up is fast with a solid fit.
Fabric zips over the U-shaped metal attachments on the Inglesina which prevents little one's extremities from getting caught in the gap.

As with all Hook-On chairs, it is very important that it is not attached to a glass table, a flimsy surface like a card table, or a pedestal table with one central support.


While the Inglesina was beat out by the Munchkin Travel Booster Seat and the Phil & Teds Lobster in this category, it scored average with a 6 of 10. The Munchkin scored a 9 of 10 and weighs a mere 4 ounces, much less than the Inglesina's 4 pounds, and is quite compact when folded. Although we do like that the Inglesina does have an included, attached carry bag, we would like to see a nicely padded shoulder strap on this though; with a weight of 4 pounds, the thin string to close the bag isn't comfortable on an elbow or shoulder. The Fast Table also has a storage pouch for small items.
An connected carry bag stows away in a pocket and folds out and over the chair for convenient portability.
A big improvement to Inglesina's attached carry bag would be a nice shoulder strap. This thin string was just plain uncomfortable.
The Inglesina has a back pocket  allowing you to store your childs belongings.

Ease Of Cleaning

The Fast Table Chair scored a 6 of 10 in ease of cleaning. It has removable fabric that can be hand washed and then air dried, but this entails multiple steps, time, and added vigor. The Fisher Price which received a 9 of 10 is made out of hard plastic, allowing you to wipe it down or wash it in the sink with no added fuss. On the other hand, we found the Fast Table's polyester seat fabric was quite resilient and resistant to everyday wear and tear. of the seat is one of the easiest to clean due to it's resilience and resistance to everyday damage.

Best Applications

The Inglesina is best suited for those who are out and about often, whether dining out, at family or friend's homes, or vacationing. It travels well, is easy to setup and it is safe and comfortable for baby.
It also functions well as a place for baby dining at a kitchen island countertop and be in the center of the action while a parent is cooking in the kitchen.


Priced at a list of $60, the Inglesina is fairly priced for its quality and functionality. It can be used from 6 to 36 months, max 37 pounds. The most expensive portable high chair in our review, the Phil & Teds Lobster is $20 more and overall scored 7 points lower in this review.


The Inglesina Fast Table Chair is our Editors' Choice for Best Portable High Chair due to its versatility, safety, quality, and ease of use. Having a Hook-On chair is a nice staple that can be used from 6 months until your child is ready to sit in a regular chair. It quite easily may become your go-to both at home and when out with baby.

Other Versions and Accessories

The Inglesina Fast Dining Tray attaches onto the Fast Table Chair's Rubberized arms and is available as an accessory for $12; we did not test this accessory. Amazon is currently selling the Fast Table Chair with Dining Tray together for $81. Users complain that the tray still doesn't cover the 1" gap between the table edge and the chair, causing food to fall onto the floor more than would be expected.

Inglesina produces 2 traditional, full-featured high chairs.
  • Inglesina Gusto
    Inglesina Gusto
    Inglesina Gusto: $150. Folding down compactly to a self-stand, the Gusto is a nice full-feature option for those living in smaller spaces. It has front wheels for from here to there. With a 5-point harness, 4-point adjustable height mechanism, 3-point reclining back rest, and 2-point adjustable leg rest, it is suitable for 6 to 36 months. It has a dishwasher safe snack tray and a stain- resistant, machine washable seat cover.
  • Inglesina Zuma
    Inglesina Zuma
    Inglesina Zuma: $279. Also following a minimalist, space-saving theme, the full-featured Zuma telescopes downward 8-positions to fit just right for baby as well as to fit underneath the table after mealtime. As it has a 3-position reclining backrest and 5-point harness, it is appropriate for 3 to 36 months. The dishwasher safe snack tray snaps into place and the "oil-repellant" double seat pads can be removed for washing.


Juliet Spurrier, MD and Jackie Boeheim

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