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Flip Hybird
Best Value Award
Price:   $14.49 at Amazon
Pros:  One-Size with nice adjustability in waist & rise, thin and trim, easy, re-useable cover
Cons:  Cover needs to be line-dried, synthetic, but organic cotton insert option available
Bottom line:  Flexible hybrid system with excellent performance, comfort, and ease-of-use
Editors' Rating:   
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Type of Diaper:  All-in-Two (AI2): Hybrid
Estimated Lifetime Cost:  $300
Material: Cover:  Outer: 100% Polyester w/ PUL, Tabs: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Manufacturer:   Cotton Babies

The Skinny

The Flip received our Best Value Award for cloth diaper in our review The Search for the Best Cloth Diapers, and we loved it for so many reasons. It's a hybrid system, so parents can choose between five different insert options: the Flip One-Size Stay-Dry Inserts, which we tested, the Flip Newborn Stay-Dry Inserts, the Flip Day Time Organic Cotton Inserts, the Flip Night Time Organic Cotton Inserts, or the Flip Disposable Inserts. The Flip provides quality in a trim, comfortable fit while performing superbly. Most importantly, we love this diaper because it's easy. It consists of a straightforward cover and a simple, lay-in insert. Sizing the diaper and getting a good, snug fit on baby aren't complicated. The cover and insert system are relatively effortless compared to others we tested, allowing for minimal prep time and the ability to re-use the cover if you'd like. We highly recommend the Flip to anyone looking for an easy, economical way to start cloth diapering.

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Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Alison Buck

Last Updated:
June 5, 2014

Snug fit around legs and waist without being too tight. No gaping at waist.
Snug fit around legs and waist without being too tight. No gaping at waist.
The Flip is a cloth diaper manufactured by Cotton Babies. They also produce the Econobum and bumGenius brands, the later of which we tested both the bumGenius Freetime and the bumGenius 4.0.

Hands down, we recommend the Flip. It is a hybrid system whose cover is compatible with three different types of inserts. We tested the Flip Newborn Stay-Dry Inserts, but also available are the Organic Cotton Insert in both Day Time and Night Time variations and a Disposable Insert. This gives you some choice and flexibility depending upon your lifestyle and activities. Let's face it, sometimes you don't want to lug around a bag full of dirty diapers all day when you're traveling or running errands. Similarly, other caregivers may have a preference for one insert over another.

Flip Hybrid
Flip Hybrid
The workmanship and fabrics are high-quality. The cover is soft and stretchy, no plastic-like feeling at all. There are no loose threads and all seams are neat and tidy. The snaps are sturdy and the elastic is snug but not too tight around the waist and leg openings. The cover is available in a wide assortment of fun colors and prints. They look to only be offering snap closures now and possibly are phasing out their hook/loop versions as they offered at a much discounted price on their website and are not featured on the Flip page.


The Flip Hybrid Snap when paired with the Stay Dry Insert performed best in Absorbency among all cloth diapers we tested in this review with an 8 of 10.

The photo line-up below shows absorbency filter photos of the three cloth diaper systems which won awards in our review. At left is the Flip Hybrid with Stay Dry Insert. This system demonstrated the best absorbency in our testing with an 8 of 10, wicking moisture away from the surface and locking it into the core of the insert. Rumparooz G2 (in center, tested with both included microfiber inserts) and GroVia Hybrid (at right, tested with a Stay Dry Soaker Pad) each scored a 7 of 10 in our absorbency testing.
Flip Hybrid with synthetic Stay Dry Insert was the stand-out in our absorbency testing with an impressive 8 of 10.
The G2 scored a 7 of 10 in absorbency.
GroVia Stay Dry Soaker Pad did well in our Absorbency Test with a score of 7 of 10. The inner fleece layer wicked moisture away from baby well and the hemp/cotton core held and retained wetness well.

The Stay-Dry Insert works very well at wicking moisture away from the skin and into the absorbent layers below. This insert has a smooth, stay-dry side which should always be touching the baby. It is very important to get the correct side of the Stay-Dry Insert against baby's skin. The very absorbent, rough microfiber side should always face the cover, never touching the skin. Absorbent microfiber will dry and irritate the skin if directly against it.

In addition, all Flip Inserts can be folded down to the correct size or absorbency pattern needed.
Flip's cloth inserts fold down to size accommodating baby's growth.
Flip's cloth inserts fold down to size accommodating baby's growth.


This is a one-size diaper, so it should fit your baby from 8 up to 35 pounds or more if they are on the thin side. There are plenty of snaps at the rise and waist, allowing the settings to be adjusted for a perfect fit. There is no need to keep purchasing additional diapers as your baby grows out of them like you do with cloth diapers that come in different sizes, like the Thirsties brand which with their Thirsties Duo All-In-One comes in 2 sizes and drives up cost significantly.
Flip Hybrid One Size Snap Closure System
Flip Hybrid One Size Snap Closure System

The Flip's Stay Dry Insert is wide enough to fill out the cover perfectly. This means that reusing the cover is more likely as baby's business has a better chance of staying on the insert and not transferring to the cover. If the cover is still clean during a changing, simply reuse it by replacing the wet insert with a dry one. If needed, the waterproof cover can be wiped down beforehand.


The Flip fits very nicely under clothing and baby can move around freely. Even with the insert folded down to accommodate its smallest settings, this system is thin and trim and avoids the issue of bulk commonly associated with cloth diapers, particularly with AI2 prefold systems such as Bummis, OsoCozy, and Kushies.

Ease of Use

From preparing for use to changing to laundering, the Flip system is easy. Just lay the cover flat and place an insert inside, and it's ready to go. No stuffing or folding required. The cover design avoids the need to touch anything undesirable during a diaper change. Simply hold the edge of the cover over the pail and the insert drops right out. If you choose to use a liner over the insert to catch solids the process is even easier, just lift the liner and flush solids and liner right down the toilet. Then, drop the insert into the diaper pail.
A big selling point of an All-in-Two system is that you can drop the wet or soiled insert into the pail without even having to touch it  as here with the Flip. And  because there is no stuffing involved  it is very easy to replace a new insert in the cover if you want to reuse it.
A big selling point of an All-in-Two system is that you can drop the wet or soiled insert into the pail without even having to touch it, as here with the Flip. And, because there is no stuffing involved, it is very easy to replace a new insert in the cover if you want to reuse it.

The Stay-Dry Insert can be machine dried while the cover needs line-drying. Sorting covers out from inserts before drying is not that troublesome and the cover air dries very quickly. Line drying will preserve the cover's elastic and waterproof qualities. For longevity's sake, this extra step is well worth it.

Both the Flip with Stay Dry Insert and bumGenius systems are composed of synthetic fabrics, which with these brands have a tendency to retain ammonia from urine. Thus, for odor control, Cotton Babies recommends washing these diapers in a 1/4 cup bleach in hot wash once a month. As well, for best performance, their advice is to avoid baking soda, vinegar, fabric softeners, additives, boiling, rash creams. If a rash cream is necessary, using a re-useable, washable liner is best practice instead of a flushable liner. Cream, particularly zinc oxide and petroleum-based creams are very difficult to remove and will cause repelling and leakage issues. The bumGenius Stay Dry Liners fit best into the Flip system. Since re-useable, washable liners are thicker, it is less likely that diaper cream will get onto the absorbent insert.


The Flip cover combined with the Stay-Dry Insert received the lowest score in Eco-Health that we gave to the cloth diapers with a 7 of 10 because it is made completely of synthetic materials. The cover is 100% laminated polyester while the stretchy side tabs are 95% polyester/5% spandex. The insert's inner smooth Stay-Dry side is 100% polyester while the rougher microfiber absorbent side is 80% polyester/20% polyamide-nylon.

If natural fabrics are important to you, using the Organic Cotton Insert is your best bet with the Flip. We did not include this insert in our testing, however.

Best Applications

The Flip Hybrid is best for families that prefer flexibility in diapering but who expect stellar performance. It is roomy enough to also accept other brand inserts and prefolds if needed. It also suits those on a budget fantastically as it is an economical one size system. The cover line-dries very quickly, so this really isn't a deterrent to those who desire efficiency in their laundering routine. Furthermore, because the cover can be reused, you don't need to purchase as many of them as you would with a pocket diaper or all in one system.


Receiving our Best Value Award, the Flip at an estimated lifetime cost of $300 is a shoe-in when combined with its excellent overall performance. The fact that the Editors' Choice, Rumparooz G2, only beat out the Flip by one point in overall score speaks volumes as to its stellar value.

Editor's Note: 9-11-14
Flip is no longer selling a bulk pack of 2 Snap Covers with 6 Stay Dry Inserts. Instead, each Flip Hybrid Snap Cover is sold individually for $14.95 and Flip Stay Dry Inserts are sold in a 3-Pack for $14.95. Our estimated lifetime cost does not change, however, and Flip Hybrid still is worthy of our Best Value award. 10 Covers and 30 Stay Dry Inserts still come to a total cost of $300.


During testing, we kept finding ourselves reaching for the Flip Hybrid because it is so easy to use and is very trim and comfortable. Simplicity goes a long way when you're using cloth diapers and the Flip achieves this for us. Because it is an easy to use, well performing, economical system that truly grows with baby as well as roomy enough to accommodate bulkier prefolds and inserts if extra absorbency is desired, it received our Best Value without the bat of an eye.


Flip Training Pant with Organic Cotton Pads
Flip Training Pant with Organic Cotton Pads
As mentioned, the Stay Dry Insert is also available in newborn sizing. Other versions include
the Flip Day Time Organic Cotton Inserts which comes in a pack of three for $22. There is also the Flip Night Time Organic Cotton Inserts coming in a pack of 2 for $25,, and the Flip Disposable Inserts available. The Organic inserts are flat cotton pieces of fabric that are folded into the absorbent layer much like old school flats (see video below).

For potty training, Flip also has their Flip Training Pant which has an Organic Cotton Pad which is meant for baby to feel wetness more.


The following video from the website Dirty Diaper Laundry highlights the different insert options available with the Flip Hybrid as well as the Organic Cotton Inserts and the Stay Dry Inserts in use.
Alison Buck

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   Nov 23, 2016 - 07:21am
We decided to use Flips for our daughter based largely on this review. We bought 9 covers and 33 inserts so we'd only have to do laundry every three days and things were great for a few months while our baby was small. After a few months though, we started to experience leaking out of the legs on a fairly regular basis. We tried *everything* to address the problem from troubleshooting with Cotton Babies about the fit to experimenting with different liner brands. We washed diapers exactly according to the directions with the washer routine recommended by Fluff Love and hung covers to dry. We had no problems with stink or repelling and were just at a loss as to why the diapers leaked so often. I can't express how frustrating it was to have her sleep sack wet after every other nap and pants wet after car rides no matter what we did.

Eventually we realized the covers had just gotten stretched out. Cotton Babies replaced most of ours, and we were great for another month or two. But the frequency of leaks gradually ticked back up. We were so over the whole thing that we nearly quit cloth diapering. My sweet husband let me try one more thing, and we bought some covers with double leg gussets (Rumparooz and Buttons). We haven't had one leak with these other covers - NOT ONE. So if you are having trouble with Flips leaking, please know that you are not alone. You should get some covers with better and more sturdy leg design. If you have not bought any diapers yet, I strongly suggest not going all in on Flips. I am fairly good at following directions and we couldn't get them to work no matter what we did.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this product to a friend.

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